Q: What is a growler?

A: Simply put, a growler is a refillable container commonly made from glass, ceramic or stainless steel that is used to take draft beer from one place to another.

Q: Why use a growler?

A: Beer is always fresher on tap and growlers are also a great way to enjoy rare, specialty beers that breweries have only made available in kegs.

Q: Does The Growler Exchange fill growlers from other filling stations?

A: Yes, you can buy one of ours or bring your own!

  1. Store it cold until you have time to clean it.  The best thing to do is to clean a growler as soon as you finish drinking it, but we know that’s not always possible. So, to limit bacteria’s ability to take hold, keep the growler in a cooler or in the fridge until you have a few minutes to wash it out.

  2. Triple rinse with hot water.

  3. Air dry upside down. Allow your growler to sit upside down and air dry completely.  A damp growler can harbor bacteria, whereas a dry growler will not.

  4. Leave the cap off.  Don’t cap your growler once it has been cleaned. Capping the growler will result in stagnant air, which could promote bacteria growth.  Allowing the air to circulate will reduce this risk.

Q: How do i clean my growler?

A: Yes, minors are allowed in the taproom. we have jenga, playing cards and connect four to include your kiddos in the fun!

Q: is the growler exchange family friendly?

A: absolutely! pets are permitted on our shaded, outdoor patio area.

Q: How about pets?